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WooCommerce Product Vendors (Addon)

With the release of version 2.1.0 for WooCommerce Integration with Zoom plugin, It will now support Requirements

How does it Work?

  • Allow vendors to manually create own meetings and link them to products.
  • Vendors won't see other vendors meetings.
  • Vendors won't be able to select host at the time of creating a meeting as admin will assign them.

Setup Zoom Account for Each Vendor

Please note: that to do this you'll need to add multiple hosts to your Zoom Account. You can do this from Users section on your Zoom Account.

If you have not added other users to your Zoom Account then only your name will show up.

Now goto wp-admin > Products > Zoom Vendors page.

Vendor Assign

From the above table. Select your Vendor and which Zoom Account you would like to assign for that vendor.

What happens after Vendor with Zoom Account is Linked ?

  • The Vendor meetings will always be created from the linked account.
  • Vendor will be able to delete, create and edit the meetings from his side for the account that is linked and created from Zoom Meetings page.
  • Vendor won't be able to see other hosts at the time of creating a new meeting or editing.

What happens if Vendor is not linked with Zoom Account ?

  • Vendor will be able to see the list of all hosts related to the Admin Zoom Account.


So, recommended way is to link a Zoom Account for Every Vendor everytime.